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To celebrate our 888th run, Sans Clue HHH disorganized the 4th edition of the famous
"Freezing in Frogland" hash week-end

3 crazy days of hashing, drinking, pubcrawling, partying in Paris (see the programme)
On-On!Bad taste PartyOn-On! On-On!On-On!On-On!

11th, 12th, 13th October 2013

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the events:
-Friday 11th Pub Crawl (Starting at FIAP hostel at 7pm)
-Saturday 12th run (Starting at RER Croix de Berny at 1pm)
-Saturday night Bad taste party (Starting at 7:30 pm Chez Papa, )
-Sunday 13th champagne run (Starting at FIAP hostel at 11 am)
-888 Freezing in Frogland's special T-shirt

See the Flyer with all the info!See the flyer
Or download the programme.