Welcome to the drinking club with a running problem

The Sans Clue Hash meets every other (usually uneven weeks) Sunday at 14h00 (sun, "rain" or hurricane) in parks, forests, etc. around or inside Paris
Saturday hashes: PARIS H3 runs the other week from us at 14h00 and Fontainebleau "Fonty" H3 the same week at 11h30.

We also meet at a bar every Thursday at 19h00 for TNDC: Thursday Night Drinking Club (no run).

Sans Clue hash and TNDC meeting points are shown below on our hareline.
Trails are A to A, i.e. start and finish point at the same place, unless specified otherwise. There’s *usually* a bag drop. Trails are suitable for runners and walkers. All hashers, newcomers & visitors welcome. Just show up and bring €10 for hash cash.
FortHHHcoming events :
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Date Hares Bouffe Beer Master Meeting place
Sat 18 Nov Paris H3 run day
Thu 23 Nov We Are MILK !
Pop In
from 20h00
105 Rue Amelot
Metro: St.Sébastien Froissart
Sun 26 Nov Shitty Pants PsychoBitch FromHell just Sven 25 ave du Bois, L’Etang La Ville(78)
Train L from Saint-Lazare (at 13.17) to Saint-Nom La Breteche ... follow hash arrows.
from 19.00
Thu 30 Nov Happy Hour
till 21h30
Chez Camille 12 bis pl d’Aligre
Metro: Ledru Rollin
Sat 02 Dec Paris H3 run day
from 19.00
Thu 07 Dec Happy Hour
till 22h.00
Belona Café 54 ave de Flandre
Metro: Riquet

Mais c'est quoi les Hash House Harriers??! Ici un petit article à lire pour éclairer votre lanterne : "Boire ou courrir, il ne faut pas choisir"